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Why doesn't my sons doctor sound concerned?

My almost 8 month old weighs 14lbs 15 ounces... hes been seeing a gastroenterologist and they suggested for him to try a different formula which hes been on for weeks now. I don't think it's making any difference in his weight. His gastroenterologist seems slightly concerned but hasn't suggested something different. They talked about maybe doing blood work to see if there's something causing him not to gain weight but they haven't done that yet.. they say hes on the shorter side and he's on the low percentile for weight and height but they don't seem too concerned... his doctor says he's not skin and bones and that developmentally hes doing good but I'm worried that he's not gaining weight and isn't at the height that he should be.. why don't they seem too concerned? His primary doctor today didn't say to change anything about his formula even though hes still 14 pounds 

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    "Dr. Smith, I am wondering specifically why you are not concerned about my son's lack of weight gain?"

    Anyone here is only guessing why he might not be concerned.

    Our youngest daughter was born at an entirely average weight, but by the time she turned one, she was at about the 5th percentile.  She fluctuated between the 1st and 5th percentile for the remainder of her childhood.

    As an adult, she is an entirely average weight for her height.

    She is just a petite person with a fast metabolism.

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    How long has his weight been stalled?  15 pounds at 8 months is the third percentile, which is certainly small.  But if he's always been small, is short as well, and is otherwise happy and healthy and eating what he wants and needs (still mostly breastmilk or formula, with some solids), then he is very likely the weight he is meant to be. (There is no magic size he 'should be.'  He's the right size for HIM.)

    If he suddenly stopped gaining weight at all for several months, and and dropped, say, from the 25% percentile at 5 months to the 3rd at 8 months, that's much more likely to be of concern.

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    So he's a little small. I bet you are that pain in the *** the doctors office hates to see come through the door.

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    I have no idea why you think we would know what's in your doctor's head.  ASK THE DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE FURTHER QUESTIONS.  

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