Does sending Math 1 to Ivy League for Subject Tests look bad?

I'm applying to a lot of Ivies and other good schools. Since I'm like mega dumb I did not take subject tests cause it only kicked in in October that I have the parameters to get into like these really good schools. So I'm taking the December 7th SAT, and I'm signing up for Bio E, Literature, and Math 1. The only one I'm worried about it Literature. Is it bad to send Math 1 to these schools if I get a way better score?


Versus Math 2 which I can not study for in time for the test.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Think of subject tests as a way to show off your expertise in a subject that isn't adequately covered by the SAT.  

    Which Math exam to take depends on the math classes you've taken and your mastery of that content. Read this article: only scenario where Math I might be a poor choice is if you were applying directly into a physics or math major.  

    Also, stop writing like a valley girl.  That won't impress the admissions staff.  Don't assume you can get into any of these schools -- 99% of all applications to the "Ivies" are academically qualified but on average only 10% are accepted.

  • 4 weeks ago

    "I'm applying to a lot of Ivies"....

    Troll smarter, not harder.

    • Tucker4 weeks agoReport

      I'm gonna be honest dude I have no idea what that means

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