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How can i make red lipstick look flattering on me?

im dark skinned with dark brown eyes, jet black hair, and big lips. its not flattering on me and looks harsh.

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    Red lipstick always looks that way. Stick with soft pastels.

  • 3 weeks ago

    There are mellow, soft, easy reds that WILL look red on you, but for instance, may look like a wine on me. You can trick people into thinking you're wearing red, but the lipstick you chose is really called "rose blush" or something and doesn't look a thing like how you expect it to. Welcome to the world of makeup!

    Ruby Woo by MAC is universally known as THE red that looks good on everyone. It's pricey, but worth it. 

    If you're not ready for a huge pop of color, and with darker skin tones, you COULD pull it off (makeup is, after all, 99% confidence), you can try some berry and wine shades if you're not comfortable with the brighter shades. I have seen darker skinned women pull off orange, fuchsia, purple, all sorts of colors. 

    If you bought the lipstick already and don't want to ditch it, opt to layer. So buy a warm brown lip pencil, fill in your lips, and do a light coat of red on top and smack it all together and see how you like it. You can try all kinds of colors and combos to create your own. I used to do this all the time with lipsticks and pencils, just created my own colors. 

    Good luck :)

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