What do you think about Bill Gates? He and Donald Trump, they impress me very much as businessmen?

I'm not American but Mr Trump very impress my not as American President but as entrepreneur.

But i'm more fan of Bill Gates, because is most likely he have Asperger Syndrome like mine (I'm 33 years old and not rieach anything signeficiant in my life :-( ), i'm now watching biopic tv series on Netflix about him, he was creative propably becuase he is bit autistic and make him bilionaire :-)

What impresses me about Bill Gates is that he was able to force others to his will, for example when he was in this elite boys' school, he was a member of the IT club, which by the way was the germ of Microsoft's staff :-)

But I mean, he was the youngest member of this society, when they got their first serious IT job, the older students kicked Bill Gates out of the project because they were almost finishing high school, and he just started it and didn't match their images because thier ware "all grown up" and stuff like that :-)

Bill Gates apprently said that they know that they would fail, and if they would need him he would return only as project meanger :-)

And they failed and asked him to help in this project as team member, but he said that he was serious as about being manger,

Apparently they did not want to agree to the very end to make him the head of the project, and he that he would not help them if they did not do so, apparently they agreed only when the deadline approached and thought that it was already too late anyway :-(


(they probably thought that eventually blame him that if it wasn't for his stubbornness it would be good :-))

But they succeeded :-)

Update 2:

The same impress me in President Trump this "My way or the highway" attitude :-)

as Americans and Brits used to say, to be able to force other people and bussines partners to bow to their will, that they do this even if they not want to :-)

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    Snowflake trolls think they can convince us they have Asperger's by intentionally misspelling words.   Morons.

    I bought MSFT in 1987 which has made me wealthier than I ever imagined.   Trump is an absolute bumbling FAILURE compared to Gates.    If Trump had bought a stock market index fund with daddy's money and kept his hands off it, he'd have buckets more money than he does.  He's pissed quite a bit away by making really bad decisions.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Trump is a buffoon.😉

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I am not impressed by an orange serial sex abuser who has went bankrupt multiple times.

    But he might be slightly better than a democrat.

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