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Why is religion or a belief system so important for a society – answer this question by applying one of the perspectives.?

I need help with this question for sociology. Thank you.

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    Rules for growing personally while allowing others to grow to more perfection of self requires that at some point in the beginning there was one at least who knew the next stage and to some degree was able to create those first rules.

     In the American Judaeo/ Christian belief it is founded by the messages given to man from the Creator by the holy spirits (angels) that this Creator, God, sent to man.

      Without order there is chaos. Rules of social behavior are even found in animal tribes, family groups. Where do these rules come from when there is no means to identify a first perfect type of any first creature?

       There must be a God Who sets these rules, and communicates them to this growing, progressing world of creatures.

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    No idea which perspectives you are referring to, as there are countless sociological perspectives that could be utilized.

    However, societies require a sense of unity through shared beliefs, values, and mores.  Religion and other belief systems provide that sense of unity.  

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    Because a society includes many people living in the same place and time, those people need guidelines to coexist in such a way as to prosper and perpetuate that society.  If no guidelines existed and everyone fended for themselves, society would not prosper.  The functionalist theory applies whereby society rewards individuals for making the most of their individual knowledge, skills, and abilities that support and enable society to prosper.  By the same token, society punishes detrimental behavior (behavior outside those guidelines) to value good behavior and therefore perpetuate the society.

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    Religion is the foundation of a society. Shared religious beliefs create social norms, which are also part of every society. religion is about how family, about morals and ethics, about religious actions, structures affect all levels of society.

    Look at the Baha'i Faith.

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    People do not handle a lack of information well.  Their minds go toward negatives during a lack of data.  Religions provide explanations of many question and a set of rules to live by.  People find this comforting although there are so many divergent religions.  People do better ignoring/disputing the beliefs of others than they do dealing with "the unknown" or the "not-understood". 

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