electric guitar bridge lifting up  ??

i recently got a washburn bt-3 guitar from a friend and when i got it, i noticed the bridge was lifting up. i did some research and found out ways to fix it like add more claw springs, tighten the claw screws, loosen the bridge screws. when i opened the back panel of the guitar, there were 5 springs already, which from my research i think there is normally supposed to be three. the claw screws were pretty loose so i tightened them. that fixed it until i went to retighten the strings. the strings lifted the bridge off the guitar again. not only that, but the action was so low that my low e string just sounded like rattling metal. help???????? 

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  • Tony B
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    3 weeks ago
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    Setting up a vibrato bridge like that can be a nightmare. Changing one thing affects everything else. You'll probably find that your intonation is out now too.

    The back of the bridge plate should be slightly off the body of the guitar unless to want to set it up so that you can only lower the pitch (not raise it). Some people like to set it up like this.

    As you say, adding more springs (which you can't do) or tightening the claw should pull the bridge down. In fact, normally you should be able to have the back of the bridge touching the body with maybe only three springs.

    Once you have done that then yes, you'll find the tuning, action and intonation have all been affected. Tightening the claw should have raised the pitch of the strings though and re-tuning should have caused the back of the bridge to be pulled sown even more.

    I wonder if there is a problem with the way the bridge is adjusted at the front - are the screws too high or too low maybe?

    Certainly, unless there is actually something wring with the bridge, which is unlikely, I think I'd find a good tutorial on setting up a bridge like that and start again from scratch with a new set of strings. What you're trying to do is one of the most frustrating, time-consuming things you can do when setting up a guitar. You need to have plenty of time and patience.

    Good luck.

  • Henry
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    3 weeks ago

    I use FLstudio and free software that is like it. I wouldn't know.

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