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Life Changing decision?

Hello everyone...I have came to Poland (Lodz) to study medicine but the subjects are torturing me.The university is not enjoyable at all.I hate going there.The only reason I chose medicine was money.Im thinking about changing my major.Im thinking about going to France(Strasbourg) and study the field I really love which is psychology but changing my country cost me a lot.On the other hand I cant study psychology here in lodz. Im 21 years old and Im not young enough for making mistakes.I would be happy if you help me and give me your opinions.I desperately need your guidance.

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  • Its your life. Guide your self. Look at what you are gaining and what you are losing. Make the decision that best fits your values. For example, if you value passion over financial profit, go with what? There is time for you to examine yourself, your values, what you desire, etc.. and figure out for yourself what is to be done. I like to live my own life, and let my own mind make decisions, with little guidance. I could have used it when I was really young, but as adult, you are your own responsibility.

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