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what are some kitchen appliances that you feel are worth the money and which ones just take up space?

investments that are worth the money for me are : blenders, food processors, cast iron skillets, kitchen aid mix, a griddle, and wok.

appliances that take up space and arent worth the extra money : stock pots, dutch ovens, pancake makers, waffle makers,

i dont make pancakes and waffles enough to justify buying a pancake and waffle maker. but i do make french toast enough to justify buying a griddle. I don't make huge soups a lot to justify a stock pot or dutch oven. they look nice but arent pratical

what are your must haves

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  • Sparky
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    2 weeks ago

    Pressure cooker


    Deep fryer

    Banquet sized electric frying pan

    Sandwich maker (for toasties / jaffles)

  • james
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    3 weeks ago

    Cast iron pans with lids, Cast alluminimun pots with lids, A cast iron wok, 2 cast iron pizza pans can double as griddle. A dutch oven as we cook more outside & in coals. Good knifes a must have. 2 coffee pots. A small one for me regular size for kitchen. I wake up early & watch the sun come up with my small coffee pot. A good slow cooker. As we make soup from water buffalo a durro meat, older hens & cocks, Also some older goats. So a tougher meat. 2 oil cans with oil filters. one for oil the other for lard. We use both. Blender, a must. Toaster if you use one. A electric hand mixer a good one heavy duty. A 3 burner gas stove with oven, a gas grill, a long charcoal grill with turning forks to rotisseries. As we are known to cook a whole pig or goat every now & then. Or large fish. We have a dirty kitchen out back. So do most cooking outside. As this it tropics here. Not much we can not cook. Inside a microwave, electric hot plate, also the toaster is inside. ]& blender, coffee pot electric one. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    ANY kitchen utensil that has more than one use is a good investment.

    for example, that griddle you mentioned would completely negate a pancake maker. you can fry pancakes on any cast iron pan, griddle, flat surface that doesn't stick. No need for a special pancake pan.

    I never owned a stand mixer, kitchen aid mixer, food processor or blender until I started cooking professionally and then I ONLY added a small food processor to my home kitchen. A small hand mixer took care of everything else. I made angel food cakes and meringues, etc all with the hand mixer. The rest, I simply never used. IF you fry a lot of things like chicken, or pork chops, etc, cast iron anything is real gold, will last a life time. My favorite dutch oven is from my mother. Mind you I am nearly 70 years old so that dutch oven is far older than that. My best cast iron griddle came from a garage sale. Rusted to bits and only $2. I bought it, took it home and cleaned it up and its so non stick that I have to be careful when making an omelet as if I tilt it a bit too far, the egg mixture will slide right out and its tough getting egg out of your shoes.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Space grabbers: kitchen gadgets like blenders, slow cookers If more than one unless they’re used, roasting pans, again if there’s more than one and it’s used seldomly, waffle and crepe makers. Useful items are food processors, steamers, Dutch ovens, and canners.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I made my girlfriend fat in college with one dutch oven and one sauce pan (which doubled as a frying pan) on a gas stove you had to light every time with matches.

    The one thing I'd be on the fence about is a crock pot. You can leave your dutch oven on the back burner with just the side getting licked by the flame, but it's much more easy and consistent to "set it and forget it!"

    I go back to parallel drummers. Terry Bozio has 134 drums to be melodic. Buddy Rich has 4 drums. If he wants a higher or lower pitch, he hits harder or lighter on the edge or middle. Same goes for cooking and sex. If you need all this stuff, you don't need all this stuff. Meaning if you can't get enough juice out of a lemon where you require a squeezer tool, you have no idea what you;re doing. However, it could make it easier and more efficient for someone who knows here to cut a lemon to get the most juice.

    As is my response to hoarders I know, the solution is/in not to BUY MORE ****.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Kind of off topic but a fun hint. I baked a package of cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker, and the grandkids went bananas over them.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You can't go wrong with a Dutch oven you can cook anything in it including bread.Crock pots and a electric skillet are necessary.,at my home.Sandwich makers are a no.

  • 3 weeks ago

    If you are just starting out the first thing is a GOOD set of knives. Then get a large and small cast iron skillet and a medium size pot. I have a coffee maker, toaster, hot air fryer, and microwave. Stay away from appliances with one use such as a waffle maker. Wait on blenders and food processors. You can add other items when you need them.

  • Dimo
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    3 weeks ago

    Would depend on what YOU cook / make.

    Weekly I am uses my 10" iron skillet, 12" square iron skillet, and several stainless bowls.

    Appliances would be electrical stuff.  I have a Ninja Pro that I use for potato pancakes, which I can no longer make by hand.  And I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker -- I haven't bought ice cream for over a decade.

  • 3 weeks ago

    A Dutch oven is wonderful for roasts.  And I bake bread in it too.  Not to mention that the prices of cast iron are going up all the time, so you could see it as in investment.  8^)  We have some cast iron frying pans that have been in my wife's family for 3 or 4 generations.  I have one I bought especially for eggs!  Once it's properly seasoned, eggs don't stick to it.  Amazing.

    Someone gave us a George Foreman grill.  We never use it.  Not sure why. It's not the easiest thing to clean.  And it takes up counterspace.

    A food processor is totally multi-purpose.  I think anyone could use one.

    A pancake maker?  Really?  You couldn't just use a griddle or your cast-iron frying pan?  I'd like one of those cast-iron waffle makers, but just for style.  I don't make waffles much.

    We also have a big, expensive Kitchen Aid mixer.  My sweetie got it for half priceWe use it only for whipping cream and egg whites.  And I also have a copper dish for whisking egg-whites by hand, which is simpler and almost quicker.  I also used it for kneading bread dough, which it did very well.  But now I do no-knead dough.

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