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Fuctions of alternative splicing? ?

A. results in different proteins in the same family.

 b. is important for multicellular organisms with different cell types.

c. results in proteins that can quickly be activated and deactivated.

d. is a gene regulatory mechanism in eukaryotes but not prokaryotes.

e. have pre-RNA that are the same as other genes.

i think its all of them?

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    A. true partly, donor can't give something different or something not existing.

    b. not defined. importance is internal decision of each type or common acceptance of different behaviors if under conditions of their information exchange, so it is function that does not know the word "importance" but dependencies, influences and predefined results.

    c. somehow true in the idea (you can't deactivate protein, it has written information s (near all movies ever recorded on the planet on single protein), only vanish, ignore, modify or rewrite - or create)

    d. less true, eukaryotes have inherited information from prokaryotes, and prokaryotes created themselves by (b.), which includes gene regulatory mechanism but on individual independence.

    e. false. all don't have pre-rna, some are anti, some are with ignoring existence, some are with influencing pre-written information, some only give resources, and for sure many are different because of dependencies of external protein or other influences which rare exist as same helping with same level of results - exception if we don't talk for colony.

    Of course there are cases where all are true, and is all of them A.b.c.d.e.

    • It is very unhelpful to misguide others with answers that sound technically impressive but are fundamentally wrong

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