what do you know about tree demolition?

How has tree demolition affected us or is affecting us right now?

Has it increased or decreased?

How many trees are cut per day? Is it just to create paper?

What other thing can be made from trees?

Not every type of tree can be used to make paper, what type of tree is used for this?

1 Answer

  • Dze
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    demolition is a term i dont hear associated much with trees, but what happens in a nutshell ALOT is you have a bunch of nature areas national parks etc in your state and the state officials work out a bargain with lumber companies worth millions to strip trees out for lumber and make it illegal for you to almost do anything in the park except walk .. this scam goes on almost everywhere in the US .. the lumber companies kick back a few bucks to the state and can just walk in and strip mine natural resources out of 'nature areas' that are more or less off-limits to the population .. its disgusting blatant environment destroying corruption at its finest ..

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