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How much is my Xbox One worth?

I have the original model Xbox One I believe, two controllers, about 9 games and a nice headset. I was wondering what would be a reasonable price to ask for this.


I'm in California, United States.

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  • Kyle
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    3 weeks ago

    are the games digital or on disc?  if they're digital, they are tied to your account.  so you would have to remove all personal information from your account, change the email and password so the buyer can have access to it.  if you plan on keeping your account, you can't sell the games.

    otherwise, one thing you can do is take your lot to a gamestop or other buy back store in your area.  ask them for how much they will take it for.  you get more obviously for in store credit than cash.  

    another thing you can do is look online at ebay.  you can search for recently sold similar items and see what they're going for.  even if you have the buyer pay for shipping, which is common, you still have to pay for the shipping label, packaging material, safely package it, and drop it off.  how quick you want the shipping speed to be is up to you.  

    you can see what the starting bid online was, what the final bid was, and use that to guage your bid.  if you start yours too high, no one may bid on it, so you just start it a little lower next time.  if it's too low, you may not get what you want. 

    selling on ebay might get you a little bit more during the holiday season.  as people are always looking to save and shop online to make things easier.  but you still need to be reasonable with your starting bid price.  you can always set a buy it now option too for 25% or 50% higher.  but if someone does that, you will never know if your bid will go for more than that. 

    the size of the hard drive will also make an impact on what you get for it.  if it's 500 GB, 1 TB, or some other drive you put in.

    if the games are madden, nba, or other bunch of sport games that are years old and no updated rosters, that will also affect the value.  if they are halo, gta v, call of duty, or other newer games, again, that will change the value.  you need to do your research.  otherwise, it's impossible to say what the value might be.  

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    What is your location so that people can provide correct currency, dont call it the 'original' model either as that could infer the sixth generation console released in 2002, its confusing

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