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Why can't you hunt with FMJ rounds?

They penetrate to the vital organs.Thay are exactly the same as a hollow point or a ballistic tip does so why can't you hunt with them.

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    You can - it is just not smart.

    FMJ is designed for war.  In battle you do not want to kill your enemy.  Killing just removes one soldier from the battle.  You want to use FMJ and wound - because wounding a soldier removes 3 combatants from the battle - the hurt soldier and the two that carry him back for medical attention.

    FMJ is going to pass through an animal like a laser beam.  No expansion.  No hydrostatic stock.  Using FMJ you have a 90% chance the animal is going to run, and run hard after you hit it - if it does not get away from you.....It's about guaranteed to run and die some place that will make your life a living nightmare to retrieve the meat.

    In my state, once you wound a big game animal - it is yours.  If it runs for 7 miles into the most horrible area you are expected to be right behind it.

    A friend of mine muffed a shot on a moose.  It ran miles into a gully.  The first 3 days he was packing out meat.  The next three days he was packing out spoiled meat and tossing it into a dumpster.  He now spends allot more time at the range, and, is a lot more particular about where he hits an animal.  Using FMJ - you need totally excellent shot placement to get a one shot clean kill...……. you don't want to spend 6 days packing meat and then rancid meat out.

    You need not take my word for this.  Go to your local newspaper - the usually sell bundles for $.50 each.  Get 4, lay them down in a row and water them good - then send a FMJ into it and look at the damage - then fire a regular hunting softpoint or nylon BT and you will understand.

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    FMJ is a needle. Soft point is a fist.

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    The issue is not penetration, it is over penetration. These don't expand or mushroom and often may just make a small hole trough a game animal, minimal energy is transferred to the target. IE: that underrated .380 ACP FMJ may go completely through a human torso. Then the matter of knowing where the projectile will stop. (the torso behind that?)

    Hollow point are a better round, often expanding to double the initial caliber on impact.

    This imparts most or all of the energy to the target, creates a much larger injury.

    Not a true hunters choice as it destroys a lot of good meat.

    Best game rounds are the soft point that mushroom to a degree with more penetration and kill power,less destruction, and humane kill.

    NO, bullets are NOT created equal, usually engineered for a given task.

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    It's believed that hollow point/soft point is more humane in hunting....yet hollow point is outlawed in war, because they say it's not humane on humans. Hollow points transfer more energy to the animal, knocking them down faster and creating more shock. Standard bullets zip through the animal, with less energy transfer. Standard will kill if accurately placed on a kill spot. But if you're off slightly, the game will run off and die a slow death. As stated in the comments, soft point is considered the best in hunting normal game, while specialty ammo is required for big game with thick hides.

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    FMJ Terminal ballistics are not exactly the same as hunting rounds.  A hunting round will expand creating a bigger wound channel expending more energy causing more damage to the vital organs. Penetration isn't the issue, but over-penetration is.  FMJ can mean a smaller wound channel and if the round passes through there is a waste of kinetic energy. 


    You use expanding hunting ammo for exactly the same reason that you would use expanding ammo for defense.  You want to stop your target as quickly as possible. For hunting it is to be more humane, for defense it is to stop a threat.

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