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Can I get banned on Yahoo Answers?

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    I'm pretty sure if you do the following, you can get suspended

    1. Spam (People who send to many questions at once)

    2. Too many reports (People who report your answers)

    3. Being an *** (Just being a jerk lol)

    4. Trolling....(I'm not too sure about this, but if you troll WAY to much you might get suspended)

    5. Inn-activeness (PLEASE dont get mad at me on this one, but my friend said you could get banned if you were innactive for 2 years or 1..)

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    If you go crazy you could

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    No, but your email account can be suspended, blocked, from participating on YA. Verizon/Yahoo does bam or block IP addresses. Technically, you can still appeal account suspensions through the Yahoo help pages.

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    Yes, you can. -

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