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Is it OK to do this for my mom's birthday?

I was hanging out with my cousin at my aunt and uncle’s house and we were looking through their photo albums. They had several pictures of my mom when she was in high school. One was of mom in her cheer leaders uniform. She sure looked cute in that picture. Another was her when she was homecoming queen. She was gorgeous. I think she was the prettiest female I have ever seen. Was she ever beautiful? My aunt said “Did you know your mom was homecoming queen all 4 years she was in high school”?

I had never seen these pictures and mom had never mentioned she was a cheerleader and homecoming queen. I asked my aunt to make copies of these pictures for me and she did. Can anyone think of a reason mom would not tell her daughter about her being a home coming queen and a cheer leader?

Mom has a birthday coming up next week and is having a party and many of her friends will be here. I want to make a large birthday card that say “Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother”. “I am proud of you”. “Your daughter”. I would like her friends to see how beautiful she was as homecoming queen. I plan to attach these pictures to the birthday card.

Mom has NOT gained a lot of weight and still looks the same as her high school pictures. She is still beautiful.

Please give me some feedback what you think of my plan.

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago
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    i dont see why not

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I'm sure there's a reason you've asked this 25+ times.

    I cant decide if you masturbate to fantasies of your mother, are an orphan and WISH you had a mother, some other mental health issue.

    Incidentally, your mother's birthday has been "next week" for over 2 years.  I would think it's come and gone at least once.

    Sure, go ahead with your plan.  Maybe then you'll stop asking this.

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