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What is the best large lizard to own?

I want a large lizard in the future and im curious what you lizard owners think is the smartest/best reptile to own 

I want something thats going to get a good size like no smaller than my arm

(Baby aggression is okay)

Im kinda stuck between a sav monitor and a tegu but i also really like water monitors 

Of course whatever i choose i do months and months of research before getting one!!! And im willing to build a huge enclosure and feed proper diet :]

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Green iguanas top the list with monitors close seconds. Argentine tegu has become rather popular, and the Nile monitor is common. The latter can get longer than you are tall, is that long enough?

    • Aaliyah2 days agoReport

      Yes awesome i was thinking something of a sav or tegu, i wanted one i can study/train to document intelligence for future reference when i get deeper into herpatology. alot of people have different opinions on monitors some saying they shouldnt be handled at all!!

  • 2 weeks ago

    Argentine tegu or possibly Egyptian uromastyx. The dietary habits of these species are much better understood and easier to acquire than Savannah monitors. 

    Some other possibilities are caiman lizards and Solomon Islands monkey tailed skinks. These have some unique enclosure requirements, however. 

    • Aaliyah2 days agoReport

      Thanks for the info! How big do uromastyx get ive been looking into those but cant seem to find an actual size chart

  • 2 weeks ago

    Well large lizards are more for experienced keepers.   If you get bit by a large monitor lizard or tegu you will be going to the hospital. You should have years of experience with smaller species and move up to large ones later.  Reading about them doesn’t give you experience 

    A baby water monitor could be 3 -4 feet in a year or two and a bite will cause lots of damage.  Maybe by the time it’s big you would be able to handle it. If not you’re in for some painful bites 

    This pic is a bite from a croc monitor or water if I remember right.   

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    • joeparker67
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      No problem. I have kept water monitors are are awesome but lots of work they crap in their water almost every day.  

  • Fang here is looking for a new home.  Apparently he's very fond of children.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    I think iguanas are popular and fun.

    I myself had a dragon, but then she got too big for me to keep in the hangar. I released her and wished her well. It was very bittersweet.

    • Aaliyah2 weeks agoReport

      I heard iguanas are cool pets, they look cool too

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