is loneliness a desperate state to be in?

is anyone really as lonely and desolate as me?

a male in my early forties, still dealing with a severe personality disorder after coping with it all my adult life, never found any relationships with male or females, lived alone in a flat for 15 support network besides my elderly mum and dad who both live far from me, an hours drive....................only time i leave my flat is to go to the gym a couple times a week to do swimming.....the rest of the time i'm in doors on the internet in my own world feeling abandoned, isolated and lonely.

to be blunt and honest; loneliness drives me to extreme desperation...what am i going to do once my elderly boomer parents are no longer around?

people for a long time in society have treated me standoffish and unfriendly, as if i'm some medieval executioner, and ostracized from society..........i see pretty women i like the look of a lot but feel ''worlds apart '' from them....ive had no luck on tinder, its as if everyone is ignoring me and have been advised to avoid me.

i'm close to my mother and dad too, and they tell me that ive come very far, overcome things many people couldn't of coped with, and that i must forge ahead and keep going the gym and ticking along....but this loneliness is eating away at me! driving me to desperation..

what am i going to do in the long run?

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago
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    Sadly there are a lot of people like yourself. This issue I see here is one of age and familiarity with technology. Most younger lonely people have supplemented their lack of IRL friends with online penpals, co-gamers and the like. So if you can segue your real world needs into the online world you might feel better. But in terms of forging in face relationships, the world just really isn't set up that way anymore.

  • 3 weeks ago

    You could try and join some sort of social club.

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