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I get emails from people from old friends with spam-sounding email addresses about Bitcoin, so how would this scammer know my old friends'?

names, who I have not emailed for years

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  • 2 weeks ago

    they have infiltrated one of their pc's, downloaded all their contacts and then you are added to the scammers list of possible people to scam. so it doesnt have to be from YOUR pc that they get YOUR email address. Always protect yourself with a proper AV. And never open an email that you know is not for you and not from a source you want anything to do with.

  • 2 weeks ago

    At some point this scammer got his hands on someone contacts list.  It included your email address as well as others who are probably known to you - all mutual friends of the original contact list owner.  The scammer is using that list to "spoof" emails - make them look like they come from other people who are on that contact list.  the hope is that those people are ones that you trust so you will respond to them.  Common trick that scammers use.

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