Can PC hardware be damaged by spilling disinfectant/rubbing alcohol?

My dad hasn't been keeping his promise about buying me a gaming PC. He keeps procrastinating it and tells me wise words. He also feigns financial incapabilities to me while he frequently dines with us and his brothers (and their families) in gourmet restaurants all of which he pays himself. Apparently my dad doesn't bring back his desktop from his office so any 'homework' he's got to do, he does it in the same PC I use for gaming (bought around 2009, last updated on 2013). Now this PC has been having many problems lately especially regarding BIOS and HDD crashes. I plan to damage the hardware by pouring Chlorhexidine Gluconate alcoholic disinfectant/hand rub on the motherboard and CPU by opening the casing. Is this going to work? Will my house be set aflame, will the technicians be able to tell what happened or will nothing happen because the liquid evaporates in seconds?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    It probably would destroy the computer.  It would be detectable by any tech who looks at it.  He may not be able to tell you exactly what was poured on the system board.  But he will be able to see that something was.  It will be very obvious.  Depending on how much cleaner you use, it is possible that you could cause the system to "flame".  Unlikely it would be big enough or powerful enough to set the house on fire.

    But it will be very obvious to anyone that something was poured on the system board.

    • Zarif3 weeks agoReport

      Hey, you're claims are wrong. I did it and at best the liquid just cleaned the dust off the boards, PC is working 100% fine even after that. So much for that plan.

  • 3 weeks ago

    No, I use it all the time for that.

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