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Is the Southern US relatively "Canadian free"?

Except Florida, as it's not really a Southern state.

Anyway, I'm American from New England and I want to take a vacation where there ARE no Canadians (Particularly Eastern Canadians and British Columbians, but Albertans are cool, then again, they arent really Canadian), and no Quebecois (the very Canadians I'm hoping to get away from!).

I want to be around Americans.

I'm thinking of Atlanta and parts of Georgia, where I can see the civil war sights and buy Southern rock records. Maybe North Carolina, where I can volunteer for a day, helping the hurricane damage. Go to Myrtle Beach in SC. Nashville and the Blue Ridge Mountains don't really appeal to Canadians, or so I've heard.

I know Canadians are everywhere, but thankfully they tend to steer clear of the US South, as there are too many Trump voters and white supremacists there.

I just want a vacation where I don't have to deal with Canadians.

If I do encounter French Canadians, I'll tell them "Go away! Let me enjoy my vacation."


I plan on visiting Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Nashville and the Applachian Mountains.

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    Texas, definitely. But you should be able to find Canuk-free corners of the deep south. Just stay away from major tourist attractions and retirement communities.

    Source(s): I live in Minnesota, I feel your pain!
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      Texas has US Senator Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada & was a legal citizen there, maintaining his legal Canadian citizenship from birth until May 14, 2014, 43 years later. 

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    Well, your chosen best answer is wrong just so you know.  Canadians friggin' love visiting Texas, and the Texans (true to Texas tradition) keep welcoming them as visitors.  

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    2 weeks ago

    I hope so.......

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    Poor poor you. Want a lollipop?

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    Go where you like. Canadians do the same.

    Albertans are cool. Not the opinion of Eastern Canadians.

     Maybe North Carolina, where I can volunteer for a day, helping the hurricane damage. Best Idea. Rebuilding help is needed in lots of places.

    Nashville?  Edmonton Alberta's sister city.

    Those predator fans do a good rendition of O Canada.

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    No, when I lived in Panama City Beach, there were a lot of Canadians at this time of year. They even sold Canadian newspapers and cigarette brands locally.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Let us know where you are going. It's probably not going to be anywhere that appeals to us.

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    Relatively, yes. States like Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama have very few Canadians (esp those from Quebec).

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    Wtf do you have against Canadians??? They’re like 100x better than us

    • r.wolfpaw
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      Well, maybe 100x better than that douche bag.

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