Cheapest VR headset setup?

Since Valve’s Half Life Alyx is coming soon I was wondering what the cheapest setup. I find the whole market extremely confusing. Half of the vr headsets I found require a flagship smartphone (and are very android-biased, whereas I use an iphone), and I can only assume that none of them can properly be connected to a pc without using apps (that aren’t available on ios in the first place). I read that the cheapest fly-functioning headset with controllers is the Oculus Go for 200$ which is alright, but I can’t tell how good it is for pc gaming, can someone verify you can play steam games on it? Is there anything else around the same price perhaps?

Thank you.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    cheaping out on hardware to play the best game of the decade............ lmfao what a joke

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