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I have just got a miniature Jack Russell she weighs 3.6kg, how much food should i feed her, i would like to feed her 2 x daily. ?

only had her for a week and don't want her to get fat. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    theres no such dog as a miniature Jack Russell:::: Take it back to the back yard breeder you got the runt from and ask for your money back

    • Veschengro
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       Good but theres still no such breed as a miniature jack russell terrier

  • 3 weeks ago

    There is NO SUCH thing as a "miniature" Jack Russell.  There ARE a number of mutt cross breeds, including one with a Miniature Pincher => called a Jack-Pin.  Ask what to feed it & how often to the BYB  or YOUR VET - who ought to be "asked to examine" any new dog - to determine if healthy.... at the time of purchase. 

    According to the limited information on this cross; Jack-pins are prone to a number of HEALTH PROBLEMS.  The BYB who produce such, rarely (IF EVER) do any genetic health screenings on the parental stock, so no telling what you have acquired.  

    You also supply NO AGE and no activity level, so we cannot know whether the dog is: still growing, an adult, or a senior dog.  And with NO shoulder HEIGHT and no actual knowledge of parentage, we have no IDEA what it SHOULD weigh, or even whether in correct weight (NOW) or not.

    • Ann3 weeks agoReport

      Vet has just said 35g 2x daily

  • 3 weeks ago

    How old is she - there is, or should not be, a 'miniature Jack Russell'.   The Parson Russell comes in one size although the better known 'Jackie' (or Hunt Terrier) can tend to vary in size once mature.   The 'Jackie' has is now a recognised breed in the UK (don't know about elsewhere?) with a Breed Standard.

    If she is a puppy (under 6 months) she could do with being fed 3 times a day, or even 4 depending on how well she's doing.  Later on, feeding two meals a day, splitting the daily intake into two smaller meals, is thought to be best.

    As for how much and with what - be guided by whoever bred the pup although if this is a BYB you might be better going be the recommended amounts on the bag, although again this is just a guide.  If I fed mine what's suggested on their food bags, they'd explode.   I would suggest that given how active Jackies are, getting her fat would be unlikely to happen!!

    • Ann3 weeks agoReport

      Shelley is 5 years old very active shoulder height is 21cm

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