What are some theories on Jonbenet Ramsey?

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  • 2 weeks ago
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    For a long time people blamed the parents for her murder but dna test confirmed that it wasn’t them. 

    There was a tv show where they got a bunch of crime experts to decide who they thought committed the murder based on what is known. They don’t have access to the crime scene photos or any evidence. All they have is what is known to the public. They concluded that it was the brother who killed her out of jealousy. This was many years after her death. 

    The last theory is that it was an intruder. One guy was named a suspect but he committed suicide. The housekeeper and a neighbor who played Santa were suspects but dna ruled them out. 

    The problem with the intruder theory is that the basement didn’t look like it was broken into. There were undisturbed cobwebs on the windows so that ruled out that someone used the broken window to sneak in and killed her unless the spiders can make a quick web. 

    Overall, the police did a shoddy job with the investigation. They weren’t experts in murders so had very little experience. They also concentrated on the parents and no one else so valuable time were wasted. 

  • patty
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    2 weeks ago

    When the police can't find a suspect they will blame a family member. I hear that Her brother was accused on this American tv show and he was going to sue them. Not sure what happened there. THey even said it was the mother cause JonBenet wet the wet and she got so angry she killed her. The father was accused too. When she first went missing there was a ramson note so the cops weren't looking for a murderer they were looking for kidnappers. Some random paedophile murderer is the culprit. Maybe down the track the murderer will tell some one else and this person will go to the cops.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Websleuths.com has posters who have theories about the Ramsey case.

  • Mercy
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    2 weeks ago

    Google "theories on Jonbenet Ramsay"

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Just google it. 

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