What and how do I tell my ex gf how I’m feeling ?!?

So my ex an I have been broken up for 4 months now we dated for 1 year and 5 months , I broke up with her cause she was pushing me away and I caught the signs she was talking and spending her time with someone else I didn’t talk to her nor did I plan on talking to her but 2 months ago I was in a near fatal car accident, she heard about it and reached out to me , an so we started talking and few weeks later her dog passed away and she called me so I can comfort her (her words). We talked and even hung out and kissed but I don’t feel the same when I kiss her but I get this feeling that I love her but she’s not right for me , she never will go the extra mile for me she will always claim she’ll do something but won’t she’ll never keep her word about future plans hell she won’t even put me first in any situation, now she’s starting to push me away again but I’ve met someone else someone who’s not looking for a full commitment more of a friend with benefits and I’m loving that right now because this new girl agreed we’re just friends but will get sexual with me and even she puts me 1st and she goes the extra mile for me and we’re just friends! my ex doesn’t know about her & I simply would want my ex to not treat me like an option and value me much like my new friend ,something about my ex that attracts me to her and i hate it because I’m tired of thinking about her knowing she’ll never go out of her way for me like I did for her. What do I do what should I tell my ex ?! Please help

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    You have lingering feelings for your ex. Understandable after being together 1.5 years and only parted for 4 months. Your mistake and hers is that you've kept in touch. Not easy to go from lover to just friend. OK circumstances caused you both to have concern for the other and that's nice. It's humanitarian. However, you know your EX very well and have summed her up. She's never going to be your g/f again. Let her remain an ex g/f who you may or may not talk to VERY occasionally. Put her where she belongs.....in YOUR past. As to your present love life. It has absolutely nothing to do with your ex girlfriend what you do with your life now. You are no longer together. Her life should be nothing to you either....so you shouldn't even consider telling her anything.  Her reactions to you obviously disappoint you - but so what?  She's your ex.  Let her go and concentrate on the new love in your life.

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