What is wrong with my new dell laptop video playback issues?

I have a brand new dell laptop

It is a dell laptop g3 15 3590 

512gb ssd hdd

8gb ram

9th gen Intel i5-9300H

Nvida gtx 1660 Ti 6GB dedicated graphic card 

Whenever I try to run a video on my computer it opens roughly. 

It would open, the video would play jerky, or speeded up and then it would correct itself and be normal and smooth. 

Any suggestions on what this might be? 


These videos I watch are 480p videos. The encodings are mpeg layer 2. Some are mp4.

They range to 272mb file size. 

I open them in vlc Windows movies & tv and Windows media player and they open and play at the same time and the videos start out jerky and they speed up, then they go to normal. 

I don't have any issues with QuickTime though it cannot play mpeg layer 2 files.

Update 2:

The videos are files not internet steaming data 

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  • Dave
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago
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    You either have a bad video file, or you're using the wrong player and codec. It has nothing to do with your hardware.

  • 3 weeks ago

    what is the video content ie what codec is required to play it?Or what created the video content eg phone, or output from some software? What dimensions is it? What dimensions are your display?and what Player are you playing it with. Most likely it is not using the Nvidia to do the playback which might not make much difference anyway unless you were outputting via an hdmi cable. you dont have enough information. As a guess its probably high def and needs lots of processing or its located on the internet somewhere and may suffer from waiting for cache to build up, your cpu may be running slow until after a few seconds its loaded and goes into turbo speed, and maybe your DISK is slow, or your RAM is not enough because its highly compressed material. The performance may be affected by the audio data quality too if its being played out via an HDMI port to an external display.

  • VP
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Didn't you ask about this already?


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