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If the superheroic Pleistocene humans have both blonde hairs, blue eyes and pale skins, how are they going to love each other?

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    Blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin were only observed by the late Pleistocene, and only among Neanderthal people (the losers).

    We Homo sapiens got those genes from sporadic interbreedings with Neanderthals..

    For the love part: according to a reliable eyewitness account:

    - The Neanderthal girl wiggles her hips when passing by the hot young hunter.

    - The young male displays his strength by killing a cave bear or a mammoth with one single spear

    - Then he sews and offers her the fur coat from the cave bear he hunted.

    - A seashell necklace would be appreciated, especially if they live far from the seashore.

    - Eventually, he might be allowed to copulate.

    This might seem weird but after all, they were just archaic hominids.

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    In exactly the same way that millions of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned people of stereotypically Scandinavian appearance do so today. Whether they’re superheroic or not.

    That assumes those people even existed during the Pleistocene: plenty of genetic evidence strongly suggests that white skinned humans evolved after the last Ice Age after darker-skinned humans migrated into lands formerly covered in ice, and that blonde hair and blue eyes evolved in just the last five thousand years or so.

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