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Why did the American in Congress in the days of Nixon tell him he had to go when his crimes were much less serious than Trump?

I mean Trump makes Nixon look like a saint......By the end, they told he would be removed from office and that he should resign. What has changed in the United States since the days of Watergate where back then Democrats and Republicans looked at the same set of facts and came to the same conclusion, whereas today you just get the feeling that the too are living in two separate topsy turvy universes?

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    Partisanship was not as important in those days.  Today it's all that matters to Republicans.  They've made it clear that they'd rather have an incompetent lying corrupt crooked buffoon for president so long as he's a Republican.

    It may still happen though that it will end the same as with Nixon.  If Republicans in the Senate fear losing their own seats, they'll throw Trump under the bus without a shred of compunction.  That's what happened with Nixon.

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    An age when bringing the office into disrepute still meant something -- let alone the high crimes and misdemeanors aspects .

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    Nixon was guilty of covering up the Watergate break in to the Democrat National Committee to spy on the opposing Presidential Campaign.

    The Obama administration hired British spy Joseph Mifsud to offer Trump campaign advisor George Popodopolous dirt on Hillary Clinton. They then used that information and the fake Steele dossier in a fraudulent FISA warrant application to wire tap Trump’s campaign.

    The Obama administration was just as guilty of spying on the opposing Presidential Campaign as Nixon was.

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    Trump has dragged the reputation of the president so into the dirt that it's difficult to tell one outrage from another anymore.

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