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How long can cheese be left unrefrigerated? ?

Me and my friend went to the movies tonight we stopped for a bite to eat before then though... I got chicken wings with cheesy fries. It was a mixture of pepper jack cheese and cheddar cheese. Unfortunately i couldn't eat it all so i had to take it with me. It was about 4 hours from the time it was cooked until i was able to get it in my fridge at home. Do you think its still safe to eat? I would hate to waste some perfectly good cheese fries. Im just scared because cheese is perishable. Once i left some mexican nachos out for a few hours reheated them and ate them. My stomach felt bubbly afterwards... I took some activated charcoal and it got rid of it. Activated charcoal binds to bad bacteria in the digestive track that would otherwise give you food poisoning. So to this day i do not know if it was just me being paranoid of it the cheese on those nachos was actually bad because cheese cannot be left out for long... Anyway. What do you all think.. Cheese is perishable so im a little iffy about this. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Use rattan storage basket instead

  • 9 months ago

    Cheese fries are always disappointing reheated, so don't both, get some new fries

  • 9 months ago

    Depending on whether it was in a hot car or not, it should be okay.  

  • 9 months ago

    you do know that cheese was invented before electricity and refrigeration was, right?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    There are no foods that “need” to be refrigerated. There are no foods that people eat now that people didn't eat before they had refrigerators.

    Refrigerators just allow food to be kept fresh for longer because it's cold in there!

    Whether or not it's refrigerated, most cheese eventually becomes stale - it can dry out and become hard, go mouldy or just not taste good. Looking at it and tasting it is the only way to tell.

  • 9 months ago


    I dunno. Few hours? A day?

    If it starts growing mold on it, it's bad.

    Cheese is like gold here. We don't leave that out. Ever.

  • Petter
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    9 months ago

    Cheese doesn't go bad in four hours (unless perhaps it's left out in the sun). They will be perfectly fine to eat, unless you wait three weeks eating them. =)

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