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What makes someone learn English fluently and not have an accent? ?

I learned English by myself when I was a teenager. I never lived anywhere else besides my country. Even though people told me my English was good I never thought too much about it. A year ago, I moved to North America and native English speakers don't believe me when I tell them I'm not from here. They eventually do when I start speaking my native tongue but no one here treats me as a foreigner, unless I eventually tell them that I am. 

I've met many people from other countries here in Canada and some of them have been learning English their whole lives (not my case), others have lived here for over a decade and still have really strong accents.

I was just wondering, what do you think makes some people be better at not having an accent than others? 

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    Aptitude/talent -- the ability to both correctly hear a new accent and to reproduce it.

    I speak multiple languages and sound like a native in each.  I inherited the ability from my great-grandather, the translator/interpreter.

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    I had a young student when I lived in Japan. 12 years old and she picked up English like it was magic. No accent at all. She went on to a special school for kids with a gift.

    I learned a lot of Japanese while I lived there but not grammar. I must have sounded a little stupid. But the people were patient with me and repeated stuff or wrote it down. Wonderful experience.

    Some people have a special talent- maybe it is like playing music or singing. Some people pick it up and some people try and try but it is never good. I'm glad you were able to learn our language and fit in.

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      Every one has an accent.Many people do not know what they mean by accent.
      Good pronunciation and choice of kind words is much more important.

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