Is DSLRdude ( trusted or not ?

I was looking for few products related to photography then I find that site called DSLRdude, Which offering a very low price than amazon or flipkart. So I'm in doubt about are they authentic or not ?

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  • Frank
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    Camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon have very, very strict policies where THEY set the minimum advertised prices as opposed to the market.  If a dealer were to break this rule, they'd likely get suspended or completely loose their dealership.  For this reason, all of the prices on the internet are exactly the same and if you ever see a price for a DSLR or lens lower, even by a penny, than everyone else, the item is: 1) being sold by an un-authorized dealer, or 2) the item is gray market.  Gray market items are when a product, say a DSLR, is sold in a different country that was intended by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer puts country codes into the serial number so it very easy (for them) to see if the product was sold in the correct country or if it was sold as a gray-market item.  Gray-market DSLRs are usually sold for about $100 less than the U.S.A. product.  Furthermore, buying a product in a country for which it was not intended completely voids the warranty.  I knew a guy who purchased a Nikon in the US that had an European model number.  It failed under warranty but Nikon USA refused to fix it stating that Nikon USA does not have any parts for this European model.  He ended up having to ship it to Europe and to add insult to injury, Nikon refused to honor the warranty since it was gray market.  So much for saving money...

    So if is selling camera gear for less than everyone else, is it gray market or does this mean that is not an authorized dealer?  Maybe, but there is also a chance that the item being sold is a refurbished model.  Buying refurbished gear is a great way to save money while also getting a camera that was checked by the manufacturer and comes with some warranty.

    At the end of the day, caveat emptor.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I have not heard of it before, which does not mean it is good or bad. For me, and what I advise anyone else, it is just best to buy from a well known reputable company that has been in business for decades with millions of happy customers. Two names that are always at the top of the list are B-H and Adorama.

    There ARE plenty of rip off sellers online, and it seems to be especially bad when it comes to photography / electronic equipment. Again, I cannot say anything bad about "DSLRdude" because I know nothing about the business. It may be fine, ... I'm only saying *I* would not trust it.

  • keerok
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    2 weeks ago

    That's a sizable amount of investment you'll be doing. If you don't trust a store, don't buy from them. Why even ask complete strangers? Peace of mind comes with a hefty price and it's well worth it.

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