With an SAT score of 1300 and his GPA 4.11 does he have a chance of being accepted to a UC University?

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    Yes, almost certainly he could be accepted at Riverside, Santa Cruz, and Merced. He might also get into  Irvine, San Diego, Davis, and Santa Barbara. It depends on the student's unweighted GPA on a 0-4 scale.  

    A website like Niche will provide you with info on the GPAs and SATs of actual students that were either admitted or denied admission at these campuses.  What's important to note is that a campus like Merced as a higher acceptance rate that many of of the CSU campuses while Berkeley and UCLA have admissions rates similar to the many of the very selective private universities. https://www.niche.com/blog/the-best-uc-schools/

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    See statistics on accepted students at the various UC schools you're interested in. SAT is a bit low for some. You want to exceed the averages of prior admissions to have some decent chance of acceptance. But also note acceptance rates as exceeding the averages is not enough when less than 50% of applicants are accepted. Chance? Possibly. Guarantee? Absolutely no guarantees anywhere about anything.

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    Certainly, but not one of the top ones.

    Last year's freshman admit data for the various UC campuses are linked in the "source" box below.

    Please remember that a high GPA counterbalances a low SAT score (or vice versa), so one or the other (or both, obviously) would have to be in the top of the range to have a decent chance of admissions. 

    So I'd guess he's good for Riverside, Merced and Santa Cruz; iffy for Davis and Irvine; unlikely for Santa Barbara and San Diego; and would need a miracle for UCLA and Berkeley. 

    I'm not on the admissions board, though, so that's only a guess. And that assumes he has met all of the a-g requirements. 

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    One has GPA of 4.11. The GPA scale stops at 4.00000000. Weighted GPAs are almost me a ingles, because they can be weighted so many different ways. 

    Any college you apply for admission to is going to calculate your GPA THEIR WAY. That is why they want your highschool transcripts. 

    Go ahead. Apply for admission to USC. If you are too scared to apply for admission, do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering "What if?" My mother asked me that question in October 1970. That was so logical that I didn't have to answer her. My application went out in the mail next morning. I knew I had been accepted early admission by Thanksgiving. At the time, I did not realize my mother did not expect me to live to graduate from college. I am a type 1 diabetic. Instead, my mother did not live to see me graduate from college once, let alone 4 times. My father did not live to see me graduate from graduate school. 

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    "he"????? People with normal cognitive functions don't type in second person.

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