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I have 2 percent Irish ☘️ in my DNA 🧬, how many Great Grandparents is that, just curious?


I have 2 percent Irish ☘️ in my DNA 🧬 Test Results, how many Great Grandparents is that,just curious?

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    one hundred and seventy

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    3 weeks ago

    Only heaven knows. There are clans in Ireland that can trace their lineage back to the Dark Ages. i know of one family that can literally trace their lineage to Charlemagne.

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    I have an Irish first and last last name. I'm mostly French and German, I'm an example of the melting pot of America.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Virtually none..........

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  • oyubir
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    3 weeks ago


    At most, one of your great grandparents could have received a 23&me test, claiming that he/she was 16% Irish, while the 7 other were 0% Irish.

    Or all of your great grandparents were just 2% Irish

    And the second scenario is more realistic, since probably lot of people have an Irish base.

    Plus, anyway, 2% is meaningless: it is far less than the error rate of all those 23&me and similar tests.

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