How to solve-chemistry: A mixture containing 70% by mass of compound A and 10 % by mass of compound B is separated using recrystallization?

a. If 5.000 g of the mixture was initially dissolved and 4.000 g of solid was obtained from recrystallization, what was the percent recovery? Show your work and mind your sig figs.

b. Using the percent recovery calculated in (a), and the following melting point information, determine if a pure sample of compound A was obtained:

The melting range for the mixture is 111.1 – 114.5°C, the melting range of pure A is 115.1 – 115.8°C. Explain your reasoning.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    We need to know the melting point of the final product to decide if the recrystallisation was successful ? 

    Knowing the original MP is no help nor is the the book value of pure A   

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