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Am I neglecting my cat by not doing this now?

So I've been keeping my outdoor cat inside lately, because she had a surgery, and she has to wear a cone. Shes been using the litter box, and right after I gave her all her pain killers (which she hates) I noticed some what I think its dried poop on the botto. Of her feet. There was a speck caught in her fur, which I pulled off. And than there were some spots on her pads. It was smushed, and looked flush with the pad. Anyway. As soon as I was about to try in wipe it off, I noticed a large moth flying around me. I'm absolutely terrified of moths. I get the chills just think about it. So I dashed up stairs. And I'm hiding in my room. Would it be neglect if I waited until tommarrow to clean the rest off, when I absolutely have to go down to get ready for work?

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    Get a little cup. Put it carefully over the moth. Slide a paper or cardboard under the opening of the cup and free the moth outdoors. Now, you can go on with your normal day.

    Unless you actually think your cat is in pain, I wouldn't give her the pain meds. Many of these are opiate medications and aren't very good for the animal. Watch her to see how she is behaving. 

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