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Were Hyskos any relationship with the Hebrews?

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    The Hyksos were around quite a few centuries before Hebrew culture emerged. The only real relation that the two have is they were both Semitic cultures in the ancient Near East who are in some way or another associated with Egypt.  


    The most widely accepted theory is that the Hyksos were Semitic people from the Levant, or elsewhere in the Near East, who began to infiltrate into the Egyptian Delta from Canaan during the 18th Century BC. They assimilated with Egyptian culture, but retained enough of their own culture to remain a separate society. In the 17th Century BC the Canaanite-Hyksos were so well established in Lower Egypt that their own dynastic rule (14th-15th) became a serious threat to the pharaonic dynasties in Itjtawy(13th) and Thebes(16th). Eventually (c.1530BC) the Theban pharaohs prevailed over the Hyksos incursion and expelled them from Egypt back into the Near East.  


    Historical evidence for Hebrew culture and language in Canaan appears towards the end of the Bronze Age(10th Century BC). Biblical tales like those of Joseph and Moses in Egypt, composed around the 7th Century BC, lack any historical evidence and don't really fit the narrative of New Kingdom Egypt's history. Nevertheless, Biblical scholars have proposed time frames for the Exodus which mostly place it around the 13th Century BC or later.  


    Could the Hebraic culture's Exodus tale be a garbled remembrance of its ancestral Canaanite cousins' time under the Hyksos in northern Egypt? Sounds reasonable to me, but there's not enough historical evidence to be anywhere near certain.  

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