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patty asked in PetsDogs · 3 weeks ago

why don't my dogs like a bath. they get warm water?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Because some dogs don't like getting wet.

  • Angel
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    3 weeks ago

    Some dogs love the water and love grooming and bathing while others it’s almost a knock down drag all fight to even get them in the shower/tub.

    All you can do is train them to go wherever it is you bathe them without wetting them down, use praise, positive reward etc and show them no harm will come to them for doing this.  When you run the water start with their legs, it’s more normal for a dog to get wet from the ground up rather than drenching the head and then working back.

    I have had several large dogs that hated getting in the tub until I started giving them dog treats just for jumping in and sitting then jumping out on command.  Once they mastered that then we started running the water wetting 5heir legs then stopping, next time was 5he body 5hen stopping.  By the time we got them wet all over they didn’t mind so much, they loved the praise and attention, and a biscuit at the end wasn’t so bad either.  Lol.

    Good luck with your dog.

  • 3 weeks ago

    While some dogs enjoy the extra attention, being bathed isn't a 'natural' event for dogs (or cats) and can be quite traumatic.   Mine were 'ok' but once out of the bath, would go nuts, suggesting they were relieved at having survived!!

    Just dopn't do this too often - all this constant bathing will just dry out the coat and skin.   I only bath ours if and when it's needed (getting into something yuck)  and usually only at the end of Winter to help the thicker coat come out faster, and ditto for the end of Summer before the Winter coat starts to come in.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Its you they don't like. The water is ok.

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