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how to deal with my parents?

my parents are so controlling with my life and go overboard with the restrictions. everything that happens has to be their way. it's not even my life. i'm in high school, and it's been like this for as long as i can remember. no social media, no app store on my phone, no social activities (concerts, hanging out with friends, dating, etc.). they watch every little thing i do, from what/when im eating, to what time i finish homework, to reading my texts. my mom gets mad at me for eating snacks with "too many carbs" when there's nothing else around the house to eat! she legit yells at me for taking too long when i do homework. it's not my fault i have a lot of homework like wtf! im not even allowed to go to any colleges except the community college, so there goes all my life plans :(

 i literally have no freedom. at all. literally all i want is freedom :(

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  • Foofa
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    2 weeks ago

    Freedom is earned by being an adult and being able to afford to pay for it. So do your time in this restrictive house knowing that getting good grades and a useful degree is the way to leave your parents behind. But also don't go crazy, there IS a reason sensible people avoid carbs and you don't want to be so "free" that you die prematurely from obesity related illnesses.

  • Pearl
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    2 weeks ago

    once you go to college you'll probably be 18 so they cant legally stop you from going to whichever one you want to go

  • 2 weeks ago

    Thank them

    You don't need social media. That stuff ruins lives. 

    You dont need to down load random apps onto a phone you can't even own. As a child you don't own it and you can't enter a contract so you don't pay for it or anything

    You dont need to be going to concerts were there's drugs and drinking and the like

    They clearly need to watch you since you do things you know you are not supposed to do 

    and GOOD parents check their kids text messages 

    And since they are paying for college they do have a right to tell you what one to go to. DOn't like it? Then suck it up and pay for it yourself 

    • Suck it up and deal with little child. You don't need social medai and don't want them looking at what you are doing online since you look at porn and the like

  • 3 weeks ago

    When you are 18 you can go to whatever college accepts you. Apply for some with a dorm if you have the grades. Your parents can not control your life after 18. They can make it hard for you by not letting you get a car, license or job before then but at 18 you can move in with a friend and work your way to a car. Or go to a college with a dorm and live there.

    Source(s): If you are a late teen, you could point out to your parents that you aren’t planning on living with them past 18 because they are too controlling. I get the social media and all that but carbs and controlling your college choices, to a community college... ask them why? How is that the beat option for your future?
    • beth2 weeks agoReport

      hi, i really appreciate your answer, but there's one problem.  my parents expect me to live with them until i get married. ik that when im 18 i can legally do whatever i want, but i dont wanna ruin family relationships. any suggestions? thank you!

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  • Ravi
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    3 weeks ago

    Talk to your parents. Tell them what any how you feel. Ask for more freedom and personal space.

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