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Atheists did you ever try to have a personal relationship with Jesus? Not a man made religion?

I don’t see what you would have to lose to call out for him to change your life.  If he doesn’t exist and nothing happens done what have you lost?  

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    If there was a competition on here to find the best troll Q of the year, this might win. No Christian in their right mind would even think that an atheist would consider praying for Jesus to change their life, and that that would give them a personal relationship with Jesus. Just read their answers. As for the "If he doesn't exist and nothing happens, what have you lost?" bit, that is also dealt with by some of the atheists' answers. Christians know that it is only when God's Holy Spirit begins to convict anybody of their sin, that the realization that their sin prevents any good relationship with God/Christ dawns.

    Atheists deny there is any such thing as sin (which is an offence against God) because they don't believe God exists. Get real. Engage your brain - or get it out of reverse if you actually are a Christian.

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    "Atheists did you ever try to have a personal relationship with Jesus?"

    Yes, but it was all one way. I didn't get anything back from Jesus.

    "If he doesn’t exist and nothing happens done what have you lost?"

    No, I didn't lose anything other than a bit of time. I didn't gain anything either, so it was all a bit pointless.

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    Not me, I'm not mentally ill.

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      Misty, De Angelis wears a bible around hid neck. He thinks it speaks to him.

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    1) Do you understand the concept of Atheism? I suspect not or you wouldn't be asking if I'd tried to have a relationship with a mythical, supernatural dead guy.

    2) ALL religion is man-made. All of it. It does not naturally occur in the wild and all religions are based in some way on someone's written or verbal stories. That, by definition, is man-made.

    3) Try reading a different book - you might actually learn something (or is that what scares you?)

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  • Not all atheists use to do this, there have been atheists who in the course of their lives have done so, and have been saved, after having made their own prayers and experiences with God.

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    The Magic Jeebus Man was an uneducated moron. He is dead. Good riddance.

    One more thing: Normal people, aka atheists, are never going to replace reality with your insane religious fantasies.

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    Jesus dead long time happy ending five dollar more.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I have a personal;relationship with my blow up doll and it's way better 

    and you're right nothing happens behind close doors 

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    The Jesus believers are fooled into thinking that something happens if they believe there was a real Jesus. Nothing ever happens in belief of a fictional person.

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    Yes. Yes, I did those things. I prayed and beseeched and gave over myself. Nothing happened. No, it wasn't a test--I wasn't testing Yahweh. One night in prayer, something broke and I could tell the room was empty. Me inside an empty room. tick-tick-tick-tick of the clock. Just me. No one else. It was a long, multi-year process. Is there a god? I don't think so. I wanted and needed him. If he exists, he hardened my heart, closed the door in my face with my foot in the door begging to come in. The door vanished and I realized I was knocking on air.

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