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Liberals, why should I support socialism?

The government in complete control of every decision I make?  Why should I support that?  I don’t.  If it’s so popular why do some Democrats not support it?

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    You don't have to. I don't support it. I consider myself a moderate conservative

    Also, it is not popular. Just because a few million people follow AOC doesn't mean that all 350 million people in America do. Similar with Ben Shapiro. Just because Ben Shapiro has 5 million followers, the other 350 million have no idea who he is.

    Stay off of youtube and the internet, meet as many people from as many different backgrounds as you can, and you will see a wide range of ideologies and beliefs.

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    I don’t know anyone who supports your fantasy.

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    No one should support Democratic Socialism. You can't abolish state, class, currency, and property under a dictatorship. It doesn't make sense. I have a more favorable view of Antifa than Democrats for this reason. The whole system is fvcked and the Communists are the only ones doing anything about it. They just have the wrong targets(voters). It would help to have them on our side if we ever had to overthrow the government. That's what Communists do. Communism is very risky. Without money, trade is more difficult and the society would have to be isolationist. A famine could wipe out the entire society. We should be nice to the commies though. Our countrymen should be able to depend on one another in times of crisis, and if we preached and practiced it, the far-left might not see the need for communism anymore.

  • martin
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    3 weeks ago

    There are Democrats who dislike the idea of working for the government, and want the freedom that the private sector offers.

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    Guess there's no running water, hospitals, fire department, police, roads, schools, etc, where you live. Guess you like crapping in a hole you dug outside your cave, huh?

  • Rowan
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    Democratic socialism is what I call the system of the top ten happiest countries in the world. Like in Denmark for example, you have public housing for everyone, public child care for everyone, public health care for everyone, there's no homeless, it's not perfect, but it is the happiest country in the world, unless that's Finland. Canada is more "socialist" than the USA. New Zealand is too, and so is Australia. They're all happier, they don't have as much crime, or homeless people, or gun violence or gangs, or any of that. It's like your capitalist bull just breeds greed and hate, and crime and violence, and these sociopath cynical bastards who get brainwashed to think that's right, to be all in it for yourself. 

    They get brainwashed by the rich elite, who take you all for a ride, by using the government to milk money out of you, for example, by going to war. All wars are about money, but that loses money for the government, and puts money in the pockets of weapons dealers, oil tycoons, drug dealers, bankers, etc. You don't support socialism because you don't even get how utterly corrupt and horrible your system is. You never seen it work better, because they don't show it to you. 

    • Cuba had a Communist government. I mean that as in the Communist Party. It's a socialist nation, but not DemSoc.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You shouldn't.  Most liberals don't support it, either.

    • Most liberals don't support it because they don't understand it. It doesn't stop them from voting for it though. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You're free to remain stupid. We don't judge ya.

    I don't support liberals, you ignorant assuming retard.

    • Nick
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      You support dumb liberals who want to go to war with the Police and ICE.  We’re not stopping ya.

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