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I cancelled my appointment when I found out he was a P.A. and not a M.D.?

I have been waiting 3 weeks for my doctor appointment. I am in need of a new doctor, and I asked for recommendations from my neighbors on Nextdoor. Two of them recommended Dr. Blank. Both of them put a Dr. in front of Blank's name. When I showed up today for the appointment, I was surprised that it was an urgent care facility. I was expecting a traditional doctor's office. I was treated like a piece of cattle. When I walked up to the receptionist area I was told to go wait behind a sign until someone calls me up. When I finally got the signal that it was ok to approach, I wanted to verify that this is where Dr. Blank is located. She said, yes, but he's not a Doctor. He's a Physician's Assistant. I said, no thanks, and cancelled my appointment. I don't have good health insurance. I have pay 100 percent for my office visit. So if I'm going to pay 100 percent for a doctor's visit, then I want to see a doctor. Is that too much to ask?

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  • Tom S
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    If you are going to pay full price, you should get a full Doctor, not too much to ask, no.

  • Anonymous
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    Either has about 20x more education than I bet you do.

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    It really depends on the reason for the visit. Some doctors use PA's to do the preliminary evaluation and then consult with the doctor if it is something beyond their training. In all cases the PA is under the direct supervision of a qualified doctor so you should not be concerned

    My wife and I have found many PA's to be as good a doctor and in some cases better. You are really over reacting to the situation.

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    PAs are highly trained professionals, especially the ones working the ER and the surgical units.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Great attitude, I am glad you cancelled.  PAs are highly competent, there are bad ones as there are bad docs. They are highly trained and many are more experienced than a doc you might see. You can see who you want but you should be an intelligent consumer of a resource, do some research.  That PA Came recommended. And an. UC is not a private office, it’s a walk in clinic not intended for routine care.

  • martin
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    Bad experience. Next, you might try just a hotline, like 911 or some 800 number, where they can put you in touch with a doctor and you can talk over the phone. Also, try a free clinic in the city or town where you're located.

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    There's a serious shortage of doctors in the U.S. Part of this is because the AMA and the medical schools limit the number of people who can study to become doctors. So the few doctors that exist can't see all the patients. PAs are highly trained, and perfectly acceptable for check ups and minor medical care. If the PA sees any signs that you have something serious, he/she will call in the doctor. You shouldn't have cancelled the appointment. 

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