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My sister is regularly abusive. Now she has been ill with something affecting her digestive system. What do I do if she's worse then usual?

I am worried about when I see her at Thanksgiving in a week and then Christmas. With her being ill I suspect she is worse then she already is. My Dad even stated indeed she is.

What do I do when she starts in on me in front of everyone? I don't want to act immature myself as I am 32 and this sister is 26.

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     "Natures Made" sells a two-part Cleasing product.. one is an herb,, an one is Fiber.. It's a 7 day treatment, but I don't follow directions.. I use it as 14 day..  It will clean her out without harm, read ingredients first, just in case she's allergic to the world..  hope she feels better..   Sorry, Bruce.. once in a while I have to heal them...   I have two personalities that piss each other off....

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    just dont go if shes going to be mean to you

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