Who invented the emergency line, I mean the American 911 or our European 112?

In my country Poland once we had and still had three distinct numbers 997 for cops, 998 for firefighters and 999 for emergency medical services.

I think we introduced in 2002 before we joined UE because 112 was EU directive.

In my country if someone need to cal fire service for exemple is called 112 and operator which is usually cop, a firefighter, or paramedic/doctor delegated by their respective service for carry the duty of dispatcher.

so someone is call 112 than switched to relevant service, or someone call that service by dialing old number like 997 fo cops in my country.

I once talked to a friend of the fireman who says he hates handling emergency numbers, this 998 and the general 112.

When they serve 112 they are on the municipal civil defense staff, he said that often kids make silly jokes and call the emergency number for a joke even though it's a crime.

He says that police officers, firefighters and paramedics from other European countries and those from America have the same problem, although it's very satisfying how the call is real and someone's life was saved

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago
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    Here's a piece on the US 911 system - https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/infras...

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    New day, New account.  You certainly have a lot of questions concerning the U.S.  Curious.

    • What the **** do you mean, this is a simple question, I have an account for 10 years, and I ask this question because I'm curious, and maybe part because I have asperger syndrome, this is a form of autism, but I see that someone needs psychiatric help more than I.

  • Henry
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    3 weeks ago

    Antonio Meucci, and then Morse, and then Alexander Graham Bell.

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