Need help figuring out title of movie?

I know the plot of this movie but I don't know the title or the actors in it so I need your help! The movie deals with a mother who is grieving over the suicide of her child (son?) and tries to get into his computer but can't because the computer company won't give her the password. So every day she tries a new password so she can cross it off and try a new one the next day and at the end I think she figures it out but has come to accept his death and doesn't login to his computer.

It is killing me that I can't think of the name and the actress but I remember really liking it and would like my mom to see it. Does anybody know what movie this is? I've tried scouring the internet for an hour now with no results. It was an indie movie I want to say from the last couple of years that I saw on Hulu or Netflix. Please help me out!

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Hey I’m 90% sure that was one of the episodes of the new season of black mirror, hope you find it.

    • Steve Guy
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      2 weeks agoReport

      You’re welcome happy to help, give me best answer lol I’m trying to level up 

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