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I'm losing my mind...?

I had my son 3 yrs ago, we've been struggling together for 2 years almost. Living from family member to family member hotel to hotel you name it. I'm a very hard worker but recently lost my job because I have no help with him, I was depending on daycare but he kept getting ill with no one to help care for him while I was working. It made me unreliable as an employee. My boss lowered me to 7 hrs a week.. Anyways my biggest mistake is I keep coming back to my grandma she's the only person who will help but shes a big part of the reason I lost my place. As grimy as she's been I keep a relationship  with her and Idk why anymore it's unhealthy and I blame myself at this point for allowing it. She's very abusive to me mentally, emotionally, she won't let me make decisions for myself if I do she holds a grudge for days. She verbally abuses me all day long. I feel helpless being that I want to leave but I know I'm going to be on the street again. I'm so depressed I can't drive and have privacy or a life of my own. I'm like a slave in captivity she controls everything. Also my son has autism so I can't just leave him everyone deserted me once they found out he was different. I love my baby so much you guys but I'm at wits end with our lifestyle. She even made it where I lost my daycare benefits she stopped wanting to take him. He's in prek but Idk if I can find a job with those hours

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    First of all, breathe. Find out about resources for single mothers in your city. There are ONGs and public programs to help with housing, food stamps and what not. Start by googling options and get out of this place.

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    This is a sacrifice you're making for your kid and never forget that. Doesn't sound like you're getting proper support from whomever sired this child so if he won't man up you at least have to go to court to get child support (if he's alive and not in prison). Two more years and your child will be starting school so you won't have to worry about full time daycare and can better plan your working life. If you failed to get any actual work skills you'll always have problems so you'll need to factor in the need for vocational training so you won't be at the mercy of minimum wage.

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    3 weeks ago

    maybe you should get help from social services

  • 3 weeks ago

    maybe you can get some help from social services

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Grow up stop whining and do something

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