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What does “Texas-sized” mean?

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    It just means especially big.

    Did you ever notice that the smallest box of laundry detergent you can buy is 'Jumbo'?  Starting in the 1950s, laundry detergent manufacturers realized they sold best in large sizes.  'Large' was already small, so they had to come up with new synonyms for large.  There was Whale Size, Super Size, Monster Size, etc. etc.  Texas Size was just another one of those, from the time Texas was the biggest state.

    There was a joke from those days (late '50s) about two Alaskans in a bar bragging to each other about how big Alaska was.  A Texan kept interrupting them to talk about Texas.  Finally one of the Alaskans turns to the Texan and says 'Hey, if you don't shut up, we'll cut Alaska in half and  Texas will be the THIRD largest state!'   8^)

  • HUGE .....!!!!! O :

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    It means when someone thinks something is very large but it really isn’t.... in a loudmouthed and boisterous manner. 

    Compare to Alaska sized, British Columbia sized, Ontario sized, Quebec sized... any-Australian-state-or-territory-except-Tasmania-and-Victoria-sized.  You never hear any of those describing large things in spite of the fact they are all larger than Texas. 

    “My dick is Texas sized! 8 inches long!”  

    “Uh... those are centimetres, not inches!”

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    Very BIG.........................

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    Compare a musky lure to a bass lure.

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    It means "The size of Texas"

    Hope that clears things up for you.

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    3 weeks ago

    It mens someting is beeg,ver beeg.

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    Big State

    Big Hair

    Big Hats

    Big Liars.

    I have lived in AZ, CO, and NM. Texans are disliked in all 3 of those states.

    When in AZ one of my coworkers was from Truth or Consequences, NM.  A sign on his office wall said, "Be nice to New Mexico. We need New Mexico.  Without New Mexico Texas would be our neighbor"

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    Yuge and bigly......................

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    It means it's particularly big.

    Though sorry, Texas, the term should probably be Alaska-sized. lol

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