Why are crayons children under 3 years old required to be jumbo?

Jumbo crayons are long and super thick and easy to hold and hard to break and don't pose choking hazards whereas regular-sized crayons are short and thin and easy to break and pose choking Hazards. So it is a good thing that I am reintroducing Crayola Kid's First Jumbo Washable Crayons and it is one of my safe collaborations. The Crayola Kids First Jumbo Washable Crayons will come in various assortments of colors which will be classic, bright and skin tone colors. 

Classic Colors

Candy Apple Red (Red)

School Bus Yellow (Yellow)

Birdie Blue (Blue)

Leap Frog Green (Green)

Pumpkin Orange (Orange)

Grape Juice Purple (Violet (Purple))

Bunny Brown (Brown)

Kitty Cat Black (Black)

Bright Colors

Rocket Red (Radical Red)

Sunshine Yellow (Laser Lemon)

Balloon Blue (Sky Blue)

Gator Green (Yellow-Green)

Purplepotomus (Plum)

Goldfish Orange (Macaroni and Cheese)

Magic Magenta (Red Violet)

Pinkasaurus (Carnation Pink)

Skin Tone Colors

Elephant Gray (Gray)

Chocolate Drop Brown (Sepia)

Penny Brown (Burnt Sienna)

Wood Red (Mahogany)

Cowboy Boot Brown (Tan)

Fresh Apricots (Apricot)

Human Skin (Peach)

Snow White (White)

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  • Robert
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    2 weeks ago
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    Is this an ad or is there a question in there?

    • Patrick2 weeks agoReport

      Yes people should know that Jumbo crayons are easy for children under 3 years to hold and very hard to break whereas regular-sized crayons are not suitable for children under 3 years old because regular sized crayons are short and thin and easy to break and can pose a choking hazard.

  • 2 weeks ago

    When you first learn to write, in 1st grade, you use a bigger-around pencil.  Or at least that was how they did it when I went to school.  Because the bigger pencil is easier to grasp.  Same with crayons. 

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