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So 4 days ago i had the confidence to text my instagram crush after a long hard time thinking whether i would look desperate or not. I did it anyway. When he told me were he was from i left him on read ( i done this because i didnt want to look to desperate trying to ask him another question) so now 4 days go by and now its too late to reply and i really want to talk to him. Is there anyway i can go back from this or did i lose my shot?


As someone just msg i seem like a child, well im not im 20 and the reason why im struggling is because its impossible to miss instagram messages, and the previous message he sent will be there

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    Why is it too late to reply?  You're panicking as if you've somehow snubbed your fiance instead of some random guy you've only just started talking to.  He won't be that bothered because you just don't mean that much to him right now.

    Just reply with your version of, "Sorry for the slow response.  I meant to reply earlier." Then, without going into further detail, reply to what he said.  No part of that is a lie, so you're safe.

    Hopefully you will be able to pick up the threads again and get talking to him properly.

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    you are overthinking this way too much. you sound like a child lol how old are you? just tell the person hey i missed your last message what did you say. 

    Honestly, you should get off "the gram" and meet people face to face.

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