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Anyone else here at university with hidden social anxiety and loneliness? :/?

I have social anxiety and this is my first year of university. Honestly, I am feeling so lonely, and I have made no friends, despite being in school for three months. I am not depressed, but I feel down sometimes because of how lonely I am. My social anxiety and overall anxiety about grades and doing well is making this a lot worse. As I am approaching finals, I find it even more difficult to concentrate on my studies, and my SA feels like it has been rising. University is so stressful, and anxiety-provoking, followed by loneliness. Who else feels the same way as me? I know that I am not alone, but I feel alone. All I can do is fake being perfectly happy and anxiety-free. It is so difficult though :(

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    Every person under 20 on this planet has social anxiety according to Yahoo. Seriously???

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      It is only common because folks love lame excuses for bad behavior or for not acting like mature adults. It is overused junk science

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