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I really need help  ?

I’m a supper innocent 15 year old who is never mean to anyone but....about a month ago my guy best friend told me he liked me on snap chat. Then I said I wanna talk in person. I told him that “i’m not sure” (Ik that’s a bad answer) and he took it really well and we continued being best friends. Well...yesterday ago he asked me formally in person...and I didn’t know what to say again. (On a side note: the reason I never know what to say to him is because when we were a bit younger and first met I had a huge crush on him, but in the last year I’ve become confused over my sexual orientation, therefore, if I said no I’d be closing doors to the person I may still like and I didn’t wanna hurt him but there is no way I’m coming out yet since I’m still unsure) So...I said “yes but I wanna take it slow and I gotta talk to my parents because I don’t know if I can date someone outside my religion” (I said the religion thing thinking it would buy me time). But then I logged into his Snapchat, which he doesn’t know, and was kinda sorta maybe looking at his chats. I found this one conversation with one of his best friends and they were taking out how the relationship is official.  Then I found that he said to one of his friend that on a scale from 1 to 10 he likes me as an 9 (so he’s basically in love with me). Now I’m freaking out because I don’t know what to do. I think I’m dating a guy who likes me a lot more than I like. PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED IT. 


Thanks you so much to anyone who reads this essay and responds. I’m really freaking out.  ❤️❤️

Update 2:

Oh also he asked me to be his girlfriend not on a date 

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    The main thing you need to know is that this is NOT a crisis.  You're dating someone who really likes you and because they really like you will be willing to go slowly while you work out exactly what you want.

    Honestly, this is a really good situation to be in, and once you calm down, I am sure you will realise it.

    You have already told him you are not sure and want to go slowly.  So he already knows you are less keen than he is, and he is fine with that.  So you will have the time and space you need to work out your own feelings and decide exactly what it is you want in a pressure free environment.  I think many, many people would love to be in your shoes!

    So my best advice is to start looking at the many positives in this situation, then relax and enjoy yourself.  You have a new BF who cares for you.  You have been honest with him that you have doubts.  You are not leading him on or in any way promising things you would never deliver.

    Nerves are entirely understandable, but don't let them convince you this is a bad situation.  It's not.  As long as you continue to be honest about your feelings with your BF, there is no reason to think this could go bad.  Even if you decide you don't like him that way after all, he can hardly complain as you've already told him you might not.

    Believe in yourself.  Have fun.  Life is looking very promising for you right now.

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    You've stated how you feel and how you want things to begin. He either didn't hear it, or chose to ignore what you said. You've agreed to one date, leave it at that... If his feelings get hurt, he has no one to blame but himself...YOU can control how this goes. It sounds as though you more than think you might be gay, and that's fine...It shows a lot of maturity to realize that... Have you talked to anyone about the fact that you think you might be gay? Would your parents understand/accept? I hope they would...

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    Yes, you do    

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    Go out with him. (You said he asked you out. That would be a date.) 

    It’s only a date.

    Liking you a lot is better than not liking you. 

    Just be sure you don’t let him do anything you don’t want to on your date (or whatever you want to call it. Jeez).  If he doesn’t respect the boundaries you set, don’t date him again and stop being his friend. 

    Odds are you’re just a troll anyway. Your story is pretty silly. 

    • Izzy3 weeks agoReport

      haha thanks but I’m not joking 

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    Hmm interesting

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