Hey guys, gotta girl question here, If a girl ask a random *** question what does it mean?

So, me and my buddies were talking about Naruto (an anime) in class near the front of it, I have to look backwards to the table behind me to talk to them and even further behind them there's this introverted girl that doesn't talk much in class, she doesn't talk to others much about topics and all, but in this instance she asked me a random question, "Have you seen Kakashi's real face?" and I said yep in an episode. I went towards her the other day and asked her when she started to watch Naruto, she stopped in her tracks and answers saying a couple of years ago and walked off (not with me). Now, this is a crush so shall I give her the "Maybe you'd wanna hang out later when we're free or something? Just sayin." Or is she most likely not interested. Thanks Bois!

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  • 2 weeks ago

    It sounds to me like she was really interested in your conversation because she's also a Naruto fan rather than being interested in you.  Sorry, dude.

    If she's a bit of an Otaku, she might have been unable to stop herself joining in because you were talking about one of her favourite shows.

    If you really want to connect with her, try telling her you are looking for new anime to watch and ask if she can recommend any.  If she really is an Otaku, she may well be unable to resist a long conversation about the best anime.  Once you have that hook, the ice is broken.

    • Elliot Kane
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      2 weeks agoReport

      She must know the characters to ask the question she did.  Maybe she read the manga?  Sounds like a confusing girl!  I wish you luck with her.

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