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What is sex talk from typical men like?

So ive only ever had sex with my boyfriend of 9 years, and while our sex is great physically and always makes us both finish, i cant help but wonder what its like talking to a guy without autism during foreplay. My boyfriend loves eating me out and pays a lot of attention to his thrusting during sex. But he doesn't talk, at all, before sex or during it. He has a large penis at 8 inches and if i try to say anything sexy about how big it is, his response is along the lines of just a simple “yeah.” Ive talked to him about it and he just says its hard for him to think of anything to say when he’s in an aroused state of mind. Which makes sense given the fact he has autism i guess. But yeah basically im bored and want to hear what sex talk is like for people who don’t have an autistic partner. 

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  • Juana
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    2 weeks ago

    It's nothing more than theatrics for the most part. Some men have fantasies and sex is where they like to pretend they are fulfilling them. At least he's replying to you. 9 years and you're just now getting bored? Welcome to long term relationships.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    oh,la, la..............................

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